Building the Emergency Medicine Research Program at North Florida Regional Medical Center is a top priority for Robyn Hoelle MD, FACEP. She has been named the Interim Consortium Research Director and has been involved in the re-structuring, building and prioritizing for this dynamic research team. Internally, our faculty continue to pursue their interests and this includes research to add to the body of knowledge helping EM doctors make evidence-based policy and clinical decisions every day.

Resident Experience

Our residents experience a research curriculum developed to help them understand the process of scientific inquiry, interpreting the literature and how to be involved by adding to the growing body of knowledge for Emergency Medicine. Residents can expect to have support to participate in research activities and present their projects at national conferences.

Resources available to the residents include: research mentors, biostatistician, research coordinator, seed funding for resident research, UCF Full-Medical Electronic Library access, and more.

Current Projects

The following Emergency Medicine Research Projects are some of the active projects at North Florida Regional Medical Center:

  • Investigation of point of care Troponin tests including interpretation, diagnostic accuracy and downstream testing consequences in the Emergency Departments of HCA Enterprise.
  • Ketamine’s multiple uses and modes of administration in Emergency Departments
  • Sepsis: a description of HCA Enterprise-wide sepsis patient population, antibiotic stewardship, fluid use and outcomes
  • Creation and maintenance of an EMS registry to help faculty investigators answer questions about the efficacy of early EMS alerts, timing to transport and influence of mode of arrival.
  • In partnership with the University of Florida College of Dentistry and Department of Emergency Medicine, we are investigating the effect on dental health of a volunteer-voucher program helping low income Alachua county residents earn dentistry care credits. Our department is on track to have NIH and PICORI funding to participate in the project.