Continuous & comprehensive care

Continuous and comprehensive care is the essential component of our family medicine residency program.

Our residents are expected to maintain a continuing relationship with a panel of patients throughout the residency experience, assuming responsibility for the total health care of the patient and their families.

In addition to training residents to be family physicians, the program also promotes their full personal development, self-growth, and maturity. This is accomplished by assisting new physicians in fully understanding the importance of balancing their professional responsibilities with their roles in life as a spouse, parent, family member, friend, and community member.

Continuity clinic

Our residents are providers at Palms Medical Group – Gainesville and Trenton. Our Gainesville clinic is about 2 blocks away from the hospital, where we do the majority of our rotations. Each resident has their own panel of patients and are part of a patient-centered medical home. PGY-1 will see their patients 1-2 half days per week throughout internship. PGY-2 will see their patients 2-3 half days per week, and PGY-3 will have continuity clinic four half days per week throughout the year. Our clinic is an FQHC, a community-based organization that provides comprehensive primary and acute care, oral health, and mental health services to persons of all ages, regardless of their ability to pay or their health insurance. FQHCs are the keystone off providing medical care to the community’s underserved patients.

Training completion & physician well-being

Our goal is to encourage all of our young physicians to develop the skills they need to be an adult learner and educator. Part of our curriculum works to develop a sense of discipline for continuing medical education within each resident through the use of journal clubs and scholarly activities.

As residents progress through their training, they will have increasing responsibility for patient care and for education within the program.

Physician well-being is stressed continuously in our residency program. We attempt to develop an adequate mix of education and service in order to avoid excessive fatigue.

In addition, each resident is assigned a family medicine faculty member who will act as their advisor. This advisor-advisee relationship is designed to provide individual mentorship and instruction as well as ensuring physician well-being through continuous, regular interaction. Residents will have access to an employee-dedicated acute clinic, on-call pastoral services, and a robust network of wellness and counseling services at their disposal.