Information for residency applicants

Residency salaries and benefits provided to consortium residents

Residents in ACGME accredited programs sponsored by the Consortium have many of the same benefits as regular UCF employees. However, there are differences in the retirement plans and the leave policy for residents.

The following salaries are for the fiscal year 2020-2021 and may differ from future years' salaries.


Year Amount
PGY1 $53,884
PGY2 $55,456
PGY3 $58,590



  • 15 days paid vacation per year for PGY1 residents
  • 20 days paid vacation per year for PGY2 and PGY3 residents
  • Denial of a specific request for vacation is a leadership decision on the part of the officers of the program and is not a grievable matter
  • 10 days paid sick time per year
  • Time off for scholarly conferences and interviews is decided case-by-case (we are restricted to the ABFM policy allowing a maximum of one month away from residency training per year including vacation)
  • Step 3: PGY-1 residents receive 2 days off for the exam plus 1 travel day if required

Up to three months may be taken for personal/family emergencies (FMLA). (Salaries/benefits are stopped during this time and you may be required to make up this time at the end of your residency.)

It is strongly encouraged that residents review the board eligibility requirements for their own specialty. Many boards (including ABFM) require 36 months of training. Paid leave (e.g., vacation, sick) cannot be accumulated or carried over from contract year to contract year. It is at the discretion of the Program Director to require a verification from a clinical provider.


The Human Resources website for UCF provides many details of the types of insurance provided to residents.

  • Medical insurance: You will be able to choose from medical insurance plans that cover you, your spouse and your dependent children. Both HMO and PPO plans are available and the majority of the premium is paid by your employer. You will be provided a list of options and the premium amounts on an annual basis. Regular coverage will start the first day of the month following the month of your contract starts (usually July 1) and you will be provided information on interim coverage that you can purchase independently prior to July 1 during orientation.
  • Disability insurance: You will be provided a disability policy and the option to purchase additional coverage
  • Life insurance: A basic life benefit of $25,000 is available to all residents. You are automatically enrolled.
  • Dental insurance: You may enroll in a variety of dental plans offered by UCF that cover you, your spouse, and your dependent children. You will be provided a list of options and the premium amounts on an annual basis.
  • Other supplemental policies: Information on other supplemental policies is available through the UCF benefits website. You will have access to these policies like other UCF employees.

Malpractice coverage:

Residents are provided with Professional Liability Coverage for $200,000/$1,000,000.

Technology devices:

Residents will be issued an HCA iPhone and laptop. Items will be returned at the conclusion of residency. Chart access and secure communication is available through approved mobile applications. Mobile devices and laptops will come with software required for clinical care, education and conducting research. IT support is available 24/7 for physicians.


Cost for training licenses in the state of Florida will be paid by the program. Residents receive a "fee exempt" DEA certificate during their training, which can only be used at trainings sites.

Life support training:

Costs incurred for obtaining required life support training (Basic Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation Program and Advanced Trauma Life Support), including any required renewals are covered by the program.


Several subscription costs are covered by the program. Examples of subscriptions include but are not limited to UpToDate, MKSAP, UWorld, ClinicalKey, AccessMedicine, and NEJM Resident 360. Our program formally meets with residents at least annually to decide how the program budget can best serve the needs of our residents' education through reimbursement of resources.


Costs incurred for USMLE/COMLEX may be eligible for payment by the program. It is advisable to contact program leadership prior to registration for more details.


Residents may park in any area that is not designated as patient/visitor or physician parking. This includes available spaces with the covered parking structures.


Residents are provided lunch during most educational activities that occur over the lunch hour.

Resident call rooms:

The call rooms located in the Basement of the Women's Center are dedicated to the use of the residents. There are 11 call rooms and several shower facilities available.

VPN accounts:

VPN accounts for home access to our hospital's medical records as well as HCA library and UCF library resources are provided.

  • Externships: Yes, Inpatient, Outpatient
  • Health: Provided
  • Dental/Vision: Provided
  • Life/Disability: Provided
  • Malpractice: Provided
  • USMLE/Lic fee: Provided
  • AAFP/FAFP Membership: Provided
  • Educational/CME stipend: Provided
  • FM board certification fee: Provided
  • DEA fee: Provided
  • Laptop/tablet device for use during residency: Provided
  • Meals: Provided during academic conferences
  • Lab coats: Provided
  • Areas of concentration: Sports Medicine, Rural Medicine