Letter from the Director

Dear Prospective Applicant,

The Internal Medicine Residency Program in the UCF COM/HCA GME Consortium Gainesville welcomes you to learn more about our training program. Our primary affiliated hospital is North Florida Regional Medical Center (NFRMC) in Gainesville, Florida.

Our internal medicine residency program here in Gainesville accepts applications from NRMP in the fall. Our program can be found in ERAS using the NRMP#1401100938. We have been ACGME accredited since 2015.

  • Monday interviews run from late October through mid-January
  • We match 15 residents to participate in our 3 year training program
  • Nearly all of the training occurs in Gainesville, Florida

We follow NRMP match regulations and we do not personally respond to requests (email, phone or otherwise) made by applicants or their surrogates outside of the application, interview and match process. We discourage you from having your faculty associates send emails or letters of support directly to our program or our leadership. Instead, we look forward to reviewing your personal statement included with your ERAS application as well as letters of recommendations that are personally supportive of you and your fit for our program.

  • We will consider all applications, however preference is given towards applicants from LCME accredited training programs
  • Our typical candidate is one that has completed their USMLE Step 1 and 2 with scores of greater than 220 (or equivalent COMLEX score), passing on the first attempt
  • A recent Step 3 score of greater than 220 is a mark of confidence that your clinical knowledge is strong and current
  • Your application should reflect engagement in scholarly activity (publications preferred over posters)
  • Priority is given to candidates 2 years or less from the end of medical school training unless a unique circumstance such as additional medical or graduate training or experience as an independent practitioner
  • Individuals with strong interpersonal and communication skills is a requirement
  • Preference is given to candidates that are willing to practice in Gainesville or Florida after completion of their training
  • We prepare for all medicine subspecialties, pribut also actively recruit candidates interested in primary care and general hospitalist medicine

Our residents spend most of their time at NFRMC interacting with faculty on our 25+ rotation assignments. Our program uses a 4+1 model which allows for 4 weeks of an uninterrupted rotation block interspersed with one week of uninterrupted continuity clinic. Our procedure rotation along with an on-site simulation lab experience allows lower risk preparation for all the procedures and emergency scenarios that you will encounter during your residency training. Our regular didactics prepare you for the independent practice of medicine as well as satisfying all the ACGME and ABIM requirements.

I’m looking forward to reading through your application and perhaps seeing you in person at the interview. Feel free to leave me a voicemail at (352) 562-0411 with details about your candidacy that might not be apparent on your application. Best wishes.

Christopher L Bray, MD, PhD
Program Director Internal Medicine Residency Program
UCF COM / HCA GME Consortium Gainesville at NFRMC

Application Requirements & Program Criteria

We appreciate your interest in the UCF / HCA GME Consortium Gainesville Internal Medicine Program. We receive more than 5000 applications and interview approximately 120 candidates. We are listed on ERAS and are accepting applications for July 1, 2019 residents. Acceptance into our residency training program means that you will be employed by UCF, training in Gainesville at our HCA-associated facilities. Below are the criteria required to be considered for admission to our program.

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Dean’s Letter
  • Personal Statement
  • Medical School Transcript
  • Graduation from an accredited Medical School within the past 2 years
  • Excellent Communication in English
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Research publications (highly preferred)
  • Passing scores on USMLE Step 1, Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) on first attempt, and Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS)

International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

If you are an International Medical Graduate, you will need to provide the following information/documentation to be considered for admission.

  • Permanent resident or U.S. Citizen status
  • Clinical experience in the U.S. (hands-on experience preferred)


Interviews are held every Monday morning from October to January in the GME building of our NFRMC campus in Gainesville, Florida. We hold a resident meet and greet on Sunday evening with a light meal provided (attendance is expected). We encourage hotel accommodations near the hospital in a hotel that provides complementary shuttle transport to our hospital. Breakfast is provided by the hotel Monday morning. Interviews start at 8am Monday at the NFRMC GME building. Lunch is provided Monday afternoon, allowing you to interact with our program’s residents and faculty.

Regarding the cancellations of candidacy interviews: Our program does not invite more candidates than we have placement for interviews. An interview cancellation is deemed unacceptable less than two weeks prior to your interview date. Out of respect for our staff and the work they do to prepare for your visit and to other candidates wishing to apply to our program, please contact us no later than two weeks prior to your scheduled interview date if you need to cancel your interview. We reserve the right to notify your medical training program with unprofessional behavior during the interview process.